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Leafy Sea Dragons

Guided Leafy Sea Dragon Dives Adelaide

Guided Leafy Sea Dragon Dives

from $99

The Leafy Sea dragon is the marine emblem of South Australia, and there’s good reason for that. Sea dragons can only be found in South Australia and pieces of Western Australia and Victoria, nowhere else in the entire world! That’s why Leafy Sea Dragons are a sight not the miss when you’re visiting Adelaide. Book a Leafy Sea Dragon Tour with Diving Adelaide and get face to face with these amazing creatures!

Sea Dragons come from the same family as Sea Horses, but grow larger than sea horses and the Sea Dragon’s tail does not possess the option to hold on to something. Because Sea Dragons are so unique, they are a protected species. Unfortunately there are reports of Leafy Sea Dragons being caught illegally to be put in collectors’ aquariums.

You’re most likely to encounter a Leafy Sea Dragon on a dive at Rapid Bay Jetty, at the Bluff in Victor Harbor, or at the several amazing jetties on the Yorke Peninsula. Book a Leafy Sea Dragon tour with Diving Adelaide , or join us on one of our Yorke Peninsula Weekend Aways.

The dive sites are about an hour and a half drive to get to from the city. We usually meet at the dive centre at 9AM and you will return between 4 and 5PM (due to the travel times, two dives will take the full day).

Our dive centre is located right next to tram stop 6 (South Road). We only have 1 tram line in Adelaide that goes from the city to the beach and return, so we are very easy to reach with public transport. We always do two dives on our guided tours because of the long drive.

The costs of the trip are as follows:

    • $289 – Standard Price for a two tank guided leafy sea dragon tour for 1 person, including gear, cylinders, weights, transport (1½ hours return) and a private guide.
    • $149 – Bring 1 friend – SAVE $140 per person!
    • $125 – Bring 2 friends – SAVE $164 per person!
    • $99 – Bring 3 or more friends – SAVE $190 per person!

We’re looking forward to diving with you soon! Simply send us an email at with your preferred date to book in your leafy sea dragon dives. We will then send you a confirmation email with online payment link, so you can confirm your booking online!

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