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Shore Diving

Adelaide Shore Diving

Shore Diving in Adelaide

South Australia and Adelaide have lots of fun and diverse shore dives for offer. Think about joining Diving Adelaide on some shore dives if you’re looking for a fun and safe dive, guided by a professional. This is the ideal option if you are looking for a little more experience before going diving without a dive leader with one of your friends.

Jetty dives are really popular shore dives in Adelaide. The most well-known jetties on the Fleurieu Peninsula are the Port Noarlunga and Rapid Bay jetty. On the Yorke Peninsula you can find the beautiful Edithburg, Port Hughes and Wool Bay jetties, along with many more! Diving Adelaide organises weekends away to the Yorke Peninsula where you will have the time to explore these beautiful South Australian dive spots.

There are several shore dives around Adelaide that are entered from the beach. Examples are the Bluff in Victor Harbor, Second Valley and Lassiter’s Reef.

At the Bluff you will most likely encounter a Leafy Seadragon, and possibly some seals or sea lions. During most of the dive you will dive along a wall and explore the rocks and cravices looking for crabs and crayfish. It’s a very nice dive but make sure you dive it when the weather conditions are appropriate.

Second Valley is most known for the small cave and tunnel system where you can find some interesting creatures that hide in the seaweed and among the rocks and stones.

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