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Olivers Reef (Victor Harbor)

Olivers Reef Victor Harbor Dive Site

Olivers Reef (Victor Harbor)

Park your car on Hayward Street (Victor Harbor). From Hayward street you can look out and should be able to see Olivers Reef in the distance (about 150 metres from the shore). While you’re walking down to the beach, you’ll be crossing the train tracks (look both ways!) and then some steps down to the beach (which seem like only a few on the way down and about a thousand on the way back up after the dive).

When swimming out you can simply take a compass bearing and dive towards the reef over the sea weed. It doesn’t take very long to swim the 150 metres and there are some interesting rocks and other bottom features on the way out. Once you hit the reef you can go over it (in a lot of places the reef will almost break the surface, so it’s hard to miss) and explore the ouside of the reef first, or if it’s a bit rough, you can simply stay on the inside. On rough days you can get knocked around a fair bit though, as there are quite a few holes in this reef, which makes the water push you away from it or suck you towards the reef! It’s best to pick a good, flat calm day, when attempting to do this dive, as on most days this reef won’t be diveable!

Simply follow the reef east on one side and then west on the other, or take your time one way and make your way back to the beach diagonally. There is not a lot of fish life on the reef, but there are heaps of small critters on it to have a look at, including some rare nudibranch species!

Olivers Reef Victor Harbor Map

Olivers Reef Map

Olivers Reef Victor Harbor Lookout

Olivers Reef Lookout

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