Next Dives TBA

No dive buddy? No worries! The divemaster will assign you a buddy or you can buddy up with him if we have an odd number of divers.

Hire gear is not included and is available at the usual low cost ($55 for a full set with one tank or $75 for a set with two tanks – or less of course if you have any of your own gear). Transport is not included, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to join and don’t have transport as we may be able to organise a lift down for you.

If you have done a course with us before, we should have your sizes on file, so we can easily prepare the gear for you. For gear rental prices, please refer to the table below:

   ITEMDetailsDaily Rental
   Regulator Set(Scubapro)$10
 incl. Hood 
   Mask & Snorkel$3
   Fins & Boots$7
   Belt & Weights$5

Give us a ring on (08) 7325 0331 to book on today or send us an e-mail on and we will send you all the details about the dives and the dive plan.

Limited spots available.