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Find out why Port Noarlunga Jetty and Reef  is a big favourite amongst local divers for night dives. Less than 30 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD this site is the most convenient and accessible dive site in South Australia. It also features a host of cool species including Port Jackson sharks, Blue Ringed Octopuses, Giant Cuttlefish, Pygmy Cuttlefish, Bob Tail Squid, Giant Sea Slugs, Sea Horses and even the occasional Leafy Sea Dragon.

Join us for a quick Social Night Dive after work to unwind after a long day! It’s absolutely FREE!

If you’ve never done a night dive before or if you’re feeling a little nervous, don’t worry! Your Divemaster or Instructor for the evening will do a thorough briefing to cover all the diving theory and safety protocols that you need to know!

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Guided Night Dives

If you would like to do a guided dive in a smaller group instead, we’ve got you covered! Book a Guided Night Dive with one of our experienced guides here at Diving Adelaide today and discover some of the best diving that South Australia has to offer!

Guided Night Dives start from $75 per person, including all rental gear, with a maximum group size of 4 people per Divemaster.

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Explore SA FREE Social Dives

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We’re heading off to all the most incredible shore dives across SA! Join us as we explore new dives sites or revisit old favourites. We’ll do a double dive at a different site every month, so join us and see the best that SA has to offer!

As these are social Dives you can follow the group or head off in your buddy pairs on your own time. Do one dive, do both or make a weekend of it and continue diving the next day! It’s completely up to you!

Besides exploring new dives sites, the goal of our Social Dives is to meet new dive buddies. Come on your own or bring the whole family, everyone is welcome!

Best of all is that it is completely FREE to join!

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Guided Leafy Tour

Prefer to dive with a private guide? Book a Leafy Sea Dragon Tour with one of our professional guides and get the VIP experience!

All our Leafy Tours are run on a private basis, so it will only be you and your group with your own private guide. This gives you the best chance to take that perfect picture or just spend time with the various fabulous creatures underwater.

Leafy Tours start from $99 per person, including all rental gear, with a maximum group size of 5 people per Divemaster.

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