PADI Oxygen Provider CoursePADI Oxygen Provider Course

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Are you a diver and do you know how to recognize dive illnesses that are treatable with emergency oxygen? Most boats and diveshops carry emergency oxygen, but do you know how to set up an oxygen unit and administer the oxygen in case you’re the only person present at the moment to help? If not, then the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course is the perfect course for you!

Sign up for your PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course today with the friendly and professional PADI diving instructors of Diving Adelaide!

During the PADI Emergency O2 Provider course you learn why, when and how you use oxygen during a diving emergency, in a safe and responsible way.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider schedule is very short:
Home study (1 – 2 hrs): You can pick up your manual from the store before the course. The manual takes you about 1 – 2 hours to go through.
Scheduled Evening 6:00PM – 8:00PM: Theory night + practical (setting up an oxygen unit, setting it on different modes, and taking it apart)

Are you in a hurry to get your Oxygen Provider License?
We run private PADI Oxygen Provider courses where you can pick your own day and time. Cost for a private Oxygen Provider Course starts from $169 (To start your ADAS Part 1 commercial diving certification, having done the oxygen provision course is a requirement. This PADI course is a quick and easy way to meet this requirement).

What you need to know before you start the course:

  • To participate in this course, you have to complete 1 to 2 hours of home study
  • This is a “theory only” course, there are no dives involved in the course
  • Make sure you have eaten something before you attend the theory night, as the theory session will most likely take about 3 to 4 hrs (depending on number of students)
  • A minimum age of 12 years applies. Every student under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or a guardian sign a consent form (available from the dive centre).

Also please make sure that you schedule enough time to complete your home study, as it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. The theory night includes an exam, which will be easy to pass after going through the theory.

Weekday night 6:00 – 8:00PM

Before you attend the course, you will have to complete some home study (about 1-2 hours), unless you have done the course before of course. During the theory session, we will have a look at the theory together. We will fill out the necessary paperwork, the theory will be explained and you will learn how to use an oxygen cylinder and oxygen kit. Everyone will set up a unit and explore the different settings. We work with a fully operational oxygen cylinder and DAN Oxygen Kit.

Things to bring:

A full stomach and something to drink. As the evening can run until about 8:00PM, make sure that you have eaten something and bring a bottle of water or something else to drink.

If there isn’t an Emergency Oxygen Provider Course scheduled, please give us a ring on (08) 8122 5003 or send us an e-mail to book in for a private course or schedule in another course!

PADI Open Water Diver Course Group at Port Noarlunga
Instructors at The Bluff on a Leafy Sea Dragon Guided Tour
Rapid Bay Divers after Leafy Sea Dragon Guided Dives
Instructor and Students after PADI Open Water Diver Course