Why shore diving in South Australia is a must!

Shore Diving in South Australia is So Good!

Shore diving in South Australia

Shore diving is an interesting way to access beautiful reefs, jetties and even historical shipwrecks near Adelaide and around South Australia. This entry method simply means divers do not require a boat to access the dive site. Shore diving showcases an enormous range of benefits – and not only because you can avoid sea sickness. South Australia has some of the best shore dives in Australia and here at Diving Adelaide, we love shore dives, and want to share this unique way of exploring the underwater world with you!

Shore Diving in South Australia - Easy Access

1. Accessibility

Shore diving is wonderful as it makes scuba diving an accessible activity for everyone. It can cut down on time and planning (as you don't need a booking to go for a shore dive!), meaning you can squeeze in a spontaneous dusk dive after work, or jump in quickly on a Sunday morning before your lunch plans. The beauty of shore diving is that it allows scuba to become part of a routine, resulting in more people regularly getting their fins wet! This way you can increase your number of dives easily, and practise any skills you want to improve.

Shore Diving in South Australia Leafy Sea Dragon

2. Unique Ecosystems

Shore dives allow us to explore unique ecosystems close to the coastline. Shore dives are often dismissed as they are typically shallower than most boat dives – so divers assume the marine life won’t be as interesting. But, it's exactly the opposite! Many off shore reefs and wrecks only contain a fraction of the life you can find under and around our jetties and many of South Australia's endemic species can only be found close to shore! Jetties create stunning artificial reefs, as pylons become overgrown with corals and sponges, and small creatures take shelter in the cracks and crevices. As a bonus, here in South Australia sticking close to shore is essential when looking for our famous locals – the leafy sea dragons.

Shore Diving in South Australia - More Than OK

3. Affordability

An easy way to keep our favourite hobby affordable is through shore diving. These trips cost you nothing more than the fuel, gear hire (if required), and some hot chips afterwards! Without the added costs that come from boat diving, you’ll be saving a substantial amount through utilising these stunning locations. It’s particularly convenient is if you have a group of dive buddies to car pool with – making the trip fun and even more affordable!

Shore Diving in South Australia Skill Development

4. Skill Development

As divers, it’s essential that we continue to learn and develop our skills. Expanding your knowledge of different types of diving is important to become well-rounded and safe divers. Quality over quantity rings true, as broadening your experience with different conditions and scenarios will be enormously beneficial to your abilities. Shore diving is an excellent way to branch out – as you will learn about different dive plans, entry and exit procedures, emergency action plans, and safety precautions.

Shore Diving in South Australia Port Noarlunga Car Park

5. Independence

Independence is a great aspect of shore diving. You are able to plan the day how you like. Want to change the time of your dawn dive so you can sleep in? - Easily done. Need to change from Saturday to Sunday? – No worries. This is all thanks to the freedom gained from shore diving. You are not reliant on a strict schedule, and can organise the trip how you prefer – leaving room for spontaneity and exploring the surrounding area. Sounds pretty good to us!