18-23 March: Open Water Course with Ron (and Denise & Anita)

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Pool Session by Susanna Druce

We had another group of divers complete their PADI Open Water Course! Congratulations Dominiks, Brad and Kendall!
We started the course with their theory night on Tuesday, to continue for the pool session on Thursday night. For many students, this is a very exciting part of the course. The first time you breath underwater and practising all kinds of important skills! Once the first breaths have been taken, the “I can do this!” feeling usually comes in and people have lots of fun during the pool session. Denise and Divemaster trainee Anita joined Ron for the pool session this Thursday as well, to help out during the course. Anita did a great job in giving the students pointers for some of the skills and keeping an eye on them of course. During the pool session Denise and Ron also completed a Discover Scuba Dive session with Gabby. Gabby had a great time and is now looking forward to completing her entire Open Water course shortly.

Dominiks, Brad and Kendall continued on their adventure last weekend when they completed their ocean dives at Port Noarlunga on Saturday and Sunday. They encountered lots of different crabs while exploring underneath the jetty; spider crabs, decorator crabs, hermit crabs, sand crabs and hairy crabs to name a few! :) Together with big schools of fish it was a great weekend of diving, thanks guys!