PADI Rescue Diver CoursePADI Rescue Diver Course

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Diving Adelaide works with a progressive pricing system! Sign up with one or more friends for the Rescue Diver Course and receive big discount for each buddy that you sign up with (each)! So if you have decided to sign up for a course, make sure you call all your friends first! Not only will this make the course more fun, it also assures you that you are getting the best value for money!

The course pricing structure is as follows:

  • $369 Standard Course Price
  • $344 Bring 1 friend – SAVE $25 per person!
  • $334 Bring 2 friends – SAVE $35 per person!
  • $329 Bring 3 friends – SAVE $40 per person!
  • $319 Bring 4 friends – SAVE $50 per person!

Start your Rescue Diver Course today with the friendly and professional PADI diving instructors of Diving Adelaide!

Continuing your education by taking the Diving Adelaide Rescue Diver will improve your diving skills! Can you handle an emergency situation, or a missing diver situation? Do you know how to prevent these situations from actually happening? Most people feel the Rescue Diver Course is the most rewarding course they have ever participated in. After completing the PADI Rescue Diver course with Diving Adelaide you will be a much more confident diver because you will have the exact know-how to act in case of diving emergencies or missing divers and more importantly, you will know how to prevent these events from happening in the first place!

Diving Adelaide provide all rescue training materials (including Rescue Diver Manual and videos) and all gear, weights and tanks are included in the course as well.

  • To participate in our Rescue Diver program you must be in possession of a current First Aid Certificate. Please contact us for more details on how to get the certificate quickly and for a great price ($129)!

The Rescue Diver Course schedule in short:
Saturday 9:00AM – 12:00PM: Theory Session + Rescue Diver Course Exam
Saturday 12:00PM – 5:00PM: Confined Water Rescue Exercises
Sunday 9:00AM – 5:00PM: Open Water Rescue Exercises and Scenarios

What you need to know before you start the course:

  • To participate in this course, you have to be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent).
  • To participate in this course you must be in possession of a current First Aid Certificate. Please contact us to find out how to get this quickly and at a great price ($129!).
  • To participate in this course you must complete all Knowledge Development sections in the Rescue Diver Manual before the course starts.
  • This course is designed in a way that you can take it straight after your Advanced Open Water Diver Course. There is no additional experience required.
  • All equipment is included in the course (Buoyancy vest, regulators, gauges, filled cylinders, weightbelts plus weights, wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins)
  • A minimum age of 12 years applies. Every student under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or a guardian sign a consent form (available from the dive centre). Students younger than 15 years old will attain a Junior Rescue certification.

Saturday 9:00AM – 12:00PM: Theory Session + 12:00PM – 5:00PM: Rescue Exercises

We meet at the dive centre on Saturday morning at 9AM and start with a morning theory session. During this theory session we will discuss all the diving theory related to the rescue exercises and scenarios that we will be doing this weekend. After the theory session we’ll do the Rescue Diver Exam before we have our lunch at the dive centre and then head off to the pool where we will be practicing our rescue excersises of that day.

Things to bring:

  • Advanced Open Water Certification Card

  • Rescue Diver Manual

  • Swimmers and a Towel

  • Lunch and Water

  • Sunscreen

Sunday 9:00AM – 5:00PM: Rescue Excersises and Scenarios

We meet either at the dive centre or at the dive site (whichever is easier) and start with the remaining rescue exercises. After you’ve shown your instructor that you can perform these exercises with ease, you will then go on two dives with your instructor and fellow students, where we will simulate certaine emergencies, called rescue scenario sessions. After we have completed the scenarios as well, we will head back to the dive centre to finalise the paperwork. You will receive your Rescue Diver Certification in the mail within a few weeks!

Things to bring:

  • Logbook

  • Swimmers and a Towel

  • Lunch and Water

  • Sunscreen

Not convinced yet?

Have a look at these additional Reasons to Learn to Dive with Diving Adelaide!

  • Scubapro School/Rental Gear

  • Lowest Student to Instructor Ratio (max 5:1)

  • All Gear Included in Courses

  • Fun and Passionate Dive Team

  • Lowest Gear Prices in Australia

  • Location Close to the City

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to bring any gear myself (for example mask, snorkel and fins)?

No, all gear will be provided by Diving Adelaide. However, to guarantee perfect fit and the most enjoyable experience, we do recommend bringing your own gear or coming in store to have a look at our masks, as the mask is the most important piece of equipment!

Can I reschedule the course if I get sick (including COVID-19), cannot complete the online training in time, need to isolate or for any other reason?

You can reschedule at any time before or during the course. For each rescheduled participant, we will charge a small rescheduling fee ($99). As soon as a course spot is booked, we reserve lanes in the pool, block a spot on the course and book one or more instructors in for the course. Unfortunately we have to charge the rescheduling fee because of these costs and the fact that you are blocking a spot that in most cases will not be filled by someone else.

How many dives do I need to do before I can sign up for the Rescue Diver Course?

The only prerequisite for starting your Rescue Diver Course is that you have already learnt to dive and hold an Advanced Open Water Diver certification (or equivalent). The course is designed in such a way that you can go straight from your Advanced Open Water Diver Course into the Rescue Course, so no additional experience is required (except the Emergency First Response First Aid course, which is a prerequisite for the Rescue Course). We do however recommend getting a few dives under your belt, before you jump on the Rescue Course, to get the maximum benefits from this course.

Where will I be able to dive with my certification?

Any dive centre around the world will recognise your PADI certification card and will allow you to dive with them. PADI is the largest certification agency in the world with more than 6000 dive centres. Even if you dive with a non-PADI dive centre, they will still recognise your certification!

What happens when the weather isn’t looking too good?

The main thing to remember is that we are going to get wet anyway, so if it rains a little bit that doesn’t matter (you will be nice and warm in your thick wetsuit anyway). However, we are of course dependent on the weather, with the wind and swell being the main factors that determine whether we can go diving or not. If the weather forecast predicts huge swells and high winds, we will head to the Pool instead of the Open Water on Saturday. If the weather isn’t looking great on the Sunday, we may have to transfer the Rescue Exercises and Scenario training part of the course to a different weekend. We will of course notify you beforehand if this is the case!

Booking Terms & Conditions

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No shows, cancellations and transfers

  1. If you cancel your course on or within 7 days of the start date of the course, no refund will be given.
  2. If you cancel your course 7+ days before the start date, a cancellation fee of $99 will apply.
  3. If you fail to attend your course without notification, no refund will be given.
  4. You may reschedule your course before the course starts at any time and for any reason (including sickness, not completing eLearning in time, COVID-19 related issues such as isolation, etc). A $99 rescheduling fee will apply.
  5. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on the dive medical questionnaire, clearance to dive by a SPUMS dive doctor will have to be provided at the start of the course (stating you are fit to dive unconditionally). Failure to do so will result in a $99 rescheduling fee.
  6. You may transfer the course to someone else at no charge before the start of the course.
  7. All instructions are provided in English only. You are required to be proficient in English. Other students cannot translate on behalf of your instructor. No translation services can be used.
  8. If you fail to complete the course during the scheduled times, a $99 rescheduling fee will be payable to complete the course at a later date.
  9. Failure to adhere to all of the pre-course requirements found on the course overview page will result in cancellation of the course. No refund will be given and rebooking will be at full cost.
  10. This course is for certified divers only. You will need to provide proof of PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) certification at the start of the course.
  11. Courses must be completed within 180 days of the original start date.
  12. Under 18’s must have a parental waiver signed by parent/guardian on or before the start day of the course.
  13. All fees are per person.
PADI Open Water Diver Course Group at Port Noarlunga
Instructors at The Bluff on a Leafy Sea Dragon Guided Tour
Rapid Bay Divers after Leafy Sea Dragon Guided Dives
Instructor and Students after PADI Open Water Diver Course