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Second Valley

Explore the caves and overhangs or look for the beautiful blue devil fish!

About Second Valley

Beautiful Second Valley on the Fleurieu Peninsula (right next to Rapid Bay) is about an hour and a half drive from the dive centre. It is known for leafy sea dragons and blue devils and the beautiful topography of the site! If you like exploring little caves and overhangs and great marine life sightings, this is the site for you!

There is a change room and a toilet block at the car park and there are easy entry points and a slightly tougher entry point to start the dive. The easiest entry points are the beach and the jetty! Don’t forget to explore around the jetty and the area in between the jetty and headland, as you can occasionally find sea dragons here!

It’s quite a shallow site (maximum depth is about 10 metres) and it’s quite easy to navigate using natural features underwater. It’s shallow enough that you can always have a quick peak at the surface if you’re not 100% sure where you are!

If you pop in at Diving Adelaide, we’re happy to tell you where the latest sea dragon sightings were, to make your dragon search a bit easier!

Best Weather

As Second Valley is facing north, southerly and easterly winds (off-shore) are best to dive this site. On calm days, you can even swim out to Lassiters Reef, which is approximately 300m off shore (directly in line with the road coming down to the beach), which has leafy sea dragons on it!

Book A Dive Here!

We don’t normally run guided dives at the Second Valley, as Rapid Bay is just down the road and there is a higher chance of seeing leafy sea dragons there! It’s not a hard site to explore though, so you can simply rent some gear and explore the jetty with a buddy yourself.

As it’s not a long drive and we’re driving past Second Valley on the way to and from Rapid Bay, we do sometimes include it in our SA Custom Diving Safaris. If you would like to add Second Valley to your safari, simply book a leafy sea dragon guided tour and request Second Valley as the dive site!

Unguided Second Valley Dives

Go around the head land and follow the little drop off to the south. You’ll swim past a channel in the sea grasses where you can often find eagle and bull rays and largish schools of fish.

You’ll pass the second bay on your left hand side on the way to the caves and overhangs. You can also get in here, right on the corner of the second bay. There is a little path leading from the jetty along the cliff and towards the rocky beach. You can climb in over the rocks and enter from here, to save you the swim around the headland and get to the caves and overhangs quicker. You’ll miss a nice bit of the dive site though, so we only recommend this for the second dive and don’t recommend it if you’re in a drysuit or unfit, as the rocks here are quite sharp and slippery.

There can be good life underneath the jetty as well, but there are a lot of fishermen, so we highly recommend keeping an eye out for fishing lines here and diving with a dive knife in case you get tangled.

See below for a map of the dive site and a standard dive plan.

Please don’t forget to bring your certification card when renting gear.

Second Valley Dive Site Map
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