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Technical Diving Courses

Take your first step into technical diving or further your technical diving education with us!

Technical and Cave Diving Courses Adelaide

Starting your tech diving journey

Whether you have just taken the first hurdles of becoming a diver by doing your PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses and are ready to take your first step into the technical diving realm, are keen to add a whole new range of local dive sites to the list by getting into cave diving, or would simply like to extend your bottom times and stay down past the no decompression limits by adding one (or multiple) extra tank(s) to your kit and would like to learn how to safely plan your staged decompression, you have come to the right place!

The main difference between recreational diving and technical diving is the extra gear involved and the opportunity to dive at sites that are currently off-limits! To handle the extra gear involved, explore exciting dive sites with an overhead environment, such as wrecks or caves and to safely stay down past the no decompression limits, extra training is a must!

So where do you start? At Diving Adelaide, our tech instructor Damian Bishop runs a range of courses from Intro to Tech to Sidemount Diving and from Basic Cave to Decompression Procedures to help you safely get to the next level!

Intro To Tech

This is an optional course to prepare the diver for Basic Cave or Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures (ANDP) and get used to the gear involved and the skills required. It’s meant for those who have never tried twin tank or sidemount diving before and would like to learn about technical diving and the gear involved under the expert guidance of our tech instructor.

Intro To Tech Diving Course

Sidemount Diver

This is also an optional course to prepare the diver to do their technical training with sidemount cylinders instead of backmounted twins. The benefit of having your tanks in front of you instead of behind you is that you will have a more streamlined profile and that you can see your gear, making shutdown drills easier.

Basic Cave

Your entry into cave diving and an easy way to open up a whole range of new dive sites in the state! You will be working on improving your general diving skills by working on your trim, positioning, weighting and finning techniques, as well as getting used to the extra gear and task loading, such as using a light, reel and DSMB!

Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures

Once you have completed your Basic Cave training and are ready for the next step to expand your bottom times by learning about staged decompression with different gas mixes (up to 100% oxygen) and staying down past your no decompression limits. This course lays the foundations for further technical training.

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