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Overseas Dive Trips

Join us on one of our spectacular overseas dive trips and create lifelong memories with the crew!

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Why Travel With Diving Adelaide?

Never travelling with us before? Let our professional instructor and divemaster team take you on an adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

We pick the best destinations in the world for our trips and always try to book the best time of the year to go! Currents bring in big animals, so we always keep an eye on the lunar cycle and plan our trips at a time that we can expect the best possible diving at that location!

Travel with likeminded people and make dive or travel buddies for life! We have an amazing group of people that travel with us regularly that make every trip a party and keep coming back year after year!

Volivoli & Pearl Harbour (Fiji) 2024

Dive the magnificent Bligh Waters, a stretch of ocean that runs between the two main islands of Fiji, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu to find an explosion of marine life and a myriad of soft corals, walls, drift dives and bommies – all that Fiji diving is famous for! We’ll be staying at the amazing Volivoli Beach Resort for the first week of the trip!

There is an optional extension for some BIG shark action, diving from Pacific Harbour to dive with the BIG sharks of Beqa Lagoon! This is a photographer’s (and thrill seeker’s) favourite, looking to capture the distinctive stripes of the resident tiger sharks and toothy grins of massive bull sharks that frequent Beqa!

Diving Adelaide Overseas Dive Trips 2024
Diving Adelaide Overseas Dive Trip Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon (Micronesia) 2024

We’re returning to Truk Lagoon for another stunning liveaboard trip on the Truk Lagoon Master! If you have joined us on one of these trips before, you know how well organised and easy diving Truk Lagoon from the Master is! The boat moors on a wreck and you simply dive off the back of the boat – no mucking around with little skiffs to get to and from the dive sites and you can do super safe safety stops hanging onto the large deco bars underneath the ship!

Truk Lagoon is known as the best wreck diving destination in the world and for good reason. From airplane wrecks to big freighters and from submarines to big navy vessels, Truk has it all (and plenty of it!). This area has more wrecks scattered all over the lagoon than any other place in the world.

Raja Ampat (Indonesia) 2024

Join us on board the luxury 5* White Manta liveaboard to traverse the majestic reefs of Raja Ampat. Picture yourself in the amazing Raja Ampat Marine Park, exploring the healthiest reefs of the world with some of the highest bio diversity you will ever see (some reefs in Raja Ampat have more biodiversity than the entire Caribbean combined!).

Dive with enormous manta rays and encounter the endangered Pacific leatherback turtle.

With over 1300 species of coral reef fish (about 50% of all known species) and more than 75% of all known species of reef-building corals on its reefs, Raja Ampat is truly the last frontier when it comes to reef diving! Scientists still discover new species in the region all the time!

Diving Adelaide Overseas Dive Trip Raja Ampat
Whaleshark and Divers Tubbataha Reef 2025

Tubbataha (Philippines) Trip 2025

Trip of a lifetime alert! We are going back to the Philippines in 2025 to dive the remote Tubbataha Reef from the Philippine Siren liveaboard! Think big animals, huge schools of pelagics and diving in the middle of nowhere!


Tubbataha Reef is a set of atolls in the middle of the Sulu Sea that are only open to divers for 3 months of the year (the other months of the year they’re closed for conservation purposes)! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Listed marine park that can only be dived from a liveboard!


Tubbataha is also knows as the Galapagos of the Philippines, due to its incredible marine diversity and big animal action and this is your chance to join us on an epic 18-dive liveaboard to this unique destination!

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