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The Bluff

An open and exposed dive site in Victor Harbor that is excellent for leafy sea dragon spotting!

About The Bluff, Victor Harbor

If the Bluff wasn’t so weather dependent, it would be the best leafy sea dragon dive in South Australia! The population at The Bluff is very healthy with lots of juveniles every y.ear and a huge weedy area for them to hide in!

The site is fully exposed to southerly winds, so you have to pick a good day with either very low winds or northerlies to dive it. When you pick a good day, the site can be absolutely spectacular! Sea lions can come in to say hi, there are crayfish in the crevices and lots of sea dragons around the rocks and weeds!

You can park at the little beach in the bend, walk down the stairs, get in from the beach and simply swim out to the little fishing jetty. This is the safest and easiest way to get in the water. If you’re fit, you can also park at the little fishing jetty and climb down the ladder. Or if you’re adventurous, you can climb in over the slippery rocks near the fishing jetty (not recommended).

Best Weather

The site is exposed to all but northerly winds. It is best dived after a few days of northerlies!

Book A Dive Here!

We run our leafy sea dragon tours at The Bluff when there are (strong) northerly winds, which doesn’t happen very often in SA. It’s an easy site to explore though, so you can simply rent some gear and explore the site with a buddy.

If you would like to include it in a Custom South Australian Dive Safari, we can certainly do so, but please note the weather is likely to throw a spanner in the works. Luckily we always have Rapid Bay and Victor as a backup plan.

To book, simply book a leafy sea dragon guided tour and request The Bluff as the dive site for the day!

Unguided Dives at the Bluff

Simply rent some gear (if required) and drive down to The Bluff with a buddy to explore the site. Make sure the weather is good with low winds (or look for northerlies).

There are usually lots of particles in the water, even on days with better visibility, but you do get some stunning days out here every now and then. Luckily, navigating this site is a breeze. Simply keep the rocky reef and weeds to your right shoulder on the way out and on your left shoulder on the way back in.

Once you feel the current pick up, it’s time to turn around. If you’re lucky, you might spot a weedy sea dragon in the area where the current starts to pick up as a small colony of weedy sea dragons lives in this area (you have to be lucky to see them though).

Simply make your way back to the jetty or the little beach for an easy exit.

See below for a map of the dive site and a standard dive plan.

Please don’t forget to bring your certification card when renting gear.

The Bluff Victor Harbor Dive Site Map


By Underwater Videographer Dustin Adamson!

See some of the highlights that South Australian scuba diving has to offer in this video by our favourite underwater videographer: Dustin Adamson!

Dustin did a South Australian dive safari with us and dived at Whyalla, The Bluff in Victor Harbor, Rapid Bay and of course at the state’s macro haven: Edithburgh Jetty!

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