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PADI Green Star Award

The PADI Green Star Award is awarded to eco friendly scuba diving companies only!

PADI Green Star Award Logo

About the PADI Green Star Award

PADI introduced the PADI Green Star Award to support eco friendly scuba diving companies in their quest for a better environment. It was developed as a way to track, measure and modify the ecological footprint of PADI Dive Centres and Dive Resorts.

Dive centres that take the necessary step to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate a dediction to conservation, reducing energy use and putting environmentally friendly practices into place can request an audit from PADI.

During and after the audit areas where a dive centre can improve are identified and discussed, so dive centres can take action and request another audit. Once the audit is complete, dive centres must fulfil a number of requirements across several categories for PADI to award the centre the PADI Green Star Award!

Diving Adelaide has been a PADI Green Star Centre since 2015

At Diving Adelaide we are proud of our environmentally friendly approach to business. We have been recognised by PADI with the Green Star Award for our efforts in conservation and recycling.

As passionate divers, our team love nature and the amazing experiences our planet has to offer us and are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our waste. This will ensure that future generations can enjoy all the same experiences by protecting our oceans and planet. as ambassadors for the oceans, we see it as our duty to care for our environment and educate our student divers of the importance of reducing their impact.

Diving Adelaide's PADI Green Star Commitment

  • Suppliers: We pursue brands that actively care for our environment and seek to reduce their carbon footprint. We buy products in bulk where possible, to avoid single use plastic packaging and have seen a major shift with our suppliers from plastic to cardboard packaging as well as initiatives such as using recycled materials for production, plant-based materials in neoprene and glues and energy-saving processes all help!
  • Recycling: Besides sorting our waste, we actively recycle supplier materials such as cardboard boxes and packaging materials (wrapping and filling materials) and recycle our rental wetsuits where possible through the Recycle Your Wetsuit program.
  • Car(e)-free transport: A large part of our team cycle or walk to work! It’s a great way to stay healthy and one of the easiest ways to reduce our carbon footprint!
  • Battery Removal Program: Anyone can hand in their used (consumer) batteries at the front desk for our battery recycling program.

Although we are very pleased with this recognition, we’re always looking for ways to improve our business practices! 

How to get involved?

Everyone knows how to sort their waste and most people don’t pack their fresh vegetables in single use plastic bags anymore, but have you ever thought of:

  • Checking your insurance policies to see if they support the environment
  • Investing in green and environmentally friendly companies only
  • Switching your superfund to a green and environmentally friendly fund (some of the highest performing funds are green and environmentally friendly!)

Or, for a great fun day out while doing something for the environment, keep an eye on our newsletters for any of our upcoming Dive Against Debris beach or ocean clean ups!

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