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Fiji 2024 Overseas Dive Trip

Join us on our landbased Volivoli & Pacific Harbour dive trip to dive the Bligh Waters and Beqa Lagoon!

Diving Adelaide Fiji Trip 2024

Join us at the award winning Volivoli Beach & Dive Resort and the stunning Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour for some amazing diving in the soft coral capital of the world and jump in for the best shark action dive in the world in beautiful Beqa Lagoon at their famous shark diving site!

Volivoli Beach & Dive Resort is a dedicated dive resort on the Suncoast of Fiji’s main island (Viti Levu) and is widely recognised as one of Fiji’s premier diving resorts! Wander through the lush tropical gardens of the resort in between the dives or plunge in the pool to cool off and relax after a beautiful day of diving some of the Bligh Waters best dive sites such as famous Mellow Yellow or Rainbow Reef near Mount Mutiny!

We have booked in the week right after a Big Super Moon event, so we’re expecting to see lots of pelagics and get some serious action in the water! This will be an excellent trip for both beginner and experienced divers as well as underwater photographers who will love the colourful soft coral background for their wide angle shot or focus on the many macro critters that call Fiji’s reef home!

We then move on to our (optional) extension at The Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour for some serious shark action! The Beqa Lagoon shark dives are recognised worldwide as one of the best shark dives in the world! The Pearl has one of Fiji’s longest sandy beaches and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is a chic and stylish resort that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Expect to see more shark species on a day of diving at Beqa Lagoon’s famous shark diving site than you have ever seen in a day’s diving before! On the shark dives, you can see blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, silvertip reef sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, tawny nurse sharks and the big guys that we’re here for: the bull sharks and tiger sharks of Beqa Lagoon!

With a total of 12 boat dives included at Volivoli Beach Resort (14 if doing the extension) and 4 shark dives at The Pearl and unlimited house reef dives 12 shark species included in the package at Volivoli, you can dive all day every day!

With all meals included at Volivoli as well (breakfast, 2-course lunch and 3-course dinner), you will just be paying for your drinks, so this trip is incredible value for money!

Escape the Adelaide Winter and get away in August 2024 with a beautiful tropical diving holiday with Diving Adelaide. We’re flying ex Adelaide directly to Nadi in Fiji and from there it’s just a bus ride to the resort. Dive Adventures have made us another amazing deal on this one and as always, you can simply sign up for the payment plan, but sign up quickly as spots are limited!

To book, simply fill out the form or send us an email and we will send you the booking link for the trip right away! At time of booking a deposit of $1500 is required to secure your spot.

Volivoli Beach Resort

22 - 29 AUGUST 2024

Volivoli Resort Package - 7 Nights

The core package of this trip is a 7 night stay at the beautiful Volivoli Beach Resort. Dive the Bligh Waters with us on famous site as Mellow Yellow and Breathtaker!

Return flights, transfer, 12 boat dives & unlimited shore dives are included as well as all meals.

For more information about inclusions and exclusions, please see below.

The Pearl Resort South Pacific


The Pearl - 4 Night Extension

Add a 4 night extension and an additional 4 big action shark dives (+ 2 extra boat dives and unlimited shore dives on the last day at Volivoli) to your package and stay at the amazing Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour.

Return transfers, 6 extra dives, daily breakfast at The Pearl and a bonus 30 minute massage are included!

For more information about inclusions and exclusions, please see below.

Volivoli Inclusions

Return Airfares ex Adelaide to Nadi with Fiji Airways.

If you would like to join the trip from a different airport (anywhere in the world), please contact us and our travel agents will contact you with a quote right away!

Return airport transfers from Nadi to Volivoli Beach resort are included.

If booking the extension, the transfer to The Pearl Resort as well as the return journey from The Pearl to the airport are included as well of course.

The package price is based on 7 nights twin share ocean view room accommodation at Volivoli Beach Resort.

Volivoli is a dedicated dive resort. We will be diving with Volivoli’s dive centre (Ra Divers) and have 12 boat dives included in our package as well as unlimited house reef dives.

On the last day before the flight home, no boat dives are scheduled (because of the 24 hour “no fly” rule before any flight). If booking the extension, 2 more boat dives will be included in the package to make it a total of 14 boat dives.

Besides tanks and weights, rental gear is not included in this trip. If you need any gear, we highly recommend to have a look at our online store or contact us to rent gear for the duration of the trip at a reduced rate.

Eat, sleep, dive, repeat is a great mantra and Volivoli will definitely look after us on this one! We have a full board meal plan, so the only extras on the trip will be your drinks!

Breakfast, a 2-course lunch and a 3-course dinner are all included!

Your departure taxes are included with your tickets.

The Pearl Inclusions

If you book the extension, 2 more boat dives will be included with Ra Divers at Volivoli. Because of the “no fly” rule of not diving within 24 hours of a flight, we normally can’t dive on the last day before heading home. If booking the extension, we won’t be flying the next day, so 2 extra boat dives will be included in your package!

Unlimited house reef dives will be included for this last day as well!

The one way transfer from Volivoli to The Pearl will be included in your package as well as the return transfer to the airport on the day of our flight home!

A free upgrade to premium (garden view) accommodation is included in the package at The Pearl Resort!

We will be staying here for 4 nights. Package price is based on 4 nights twin share.

We have teamed up with Beqa Adventure Divers for the famous Fiji Shark Dive! This is a big action dive where we expect to see 8 species of sharks (and over 450 species of fish!).

We will be doing 2 shark dives each day.

Have a look here to get an idea of what a shark diving day will look like!

Breakfast is included in our package.

The Pearl has different restaurants to choose from each night or we can explore Pacific Harbour for other restaurants.

The Pearl’s waterside spa is a state of the art retreat for anyone wishing to be pampered. With 8 private rooms including 2 couples rooms and a large zen area, you will find peace and tranquility from the moment you step through the door!

The Pearl’s highly trained spa therapists have included a complimentary 30 minute massage with your stay to wind down from an exciting day of shark diving!


These fees are payable on arrival:

  • FJD$15.00 – Vatu Ira Conservation fee

  • FJD$25.00 – Shark Reef Marine Reserve Levy (per day) at The Pearl

If you wish to dive on nitrox, the extra costs will be:

  • $240 per person at Ra Divers (Volivoli) for an unlimited nitrox package.

  • $70 per person at Beqa Adventure Divers (The Pearl) for a 2-day nitrox package.

We highly recommend taking out travel insurance as well as DAN diving insurance for this trip.

Any excess luggage fees can be prebooked with our travel agent beforehand or can be paid at the airport.

Room upgrades are available at Volivoli and The Pearl, but are subject to availability of course.

The costs for room upgrades are as follows:

  • Volivoli Single Occupancy Ocean View Room: $980 per person.

  • Volivoli Twin Share Deluxe Room: $400 per person

  • The Pearl Single Premium Garden View Room: $550 per person


Big Shark Action at Beqa Lagoon!

See some of the highlights of our last trip to Fiji where we’ve dived with the big bull and tiger sharks at Beqa Lagoon!

It’s amazing to see the bulls moving in first and scooping out the smell of the fresh tuna heads. They’re like steamlined torpedos going for the bait , but as soon a a tiger shark moves in, they all move up in the water column to make space for the big guys!

Kids in Fiji

If you’re thinking of bringing young children on the Fiji trip, rest assured, Fiji is one of the most kid-friendly travel destinations we have ever been to! We have travelled to several destinations in Fiji (including Volivoli and Beqa Lagoon) with kids before ourselves and they have had some of the best times of their lives on the island.

Baby-sitting services are readily available and as we always have lunch back at the resort, they can join us for lunch every day!

Pricing will depend on the age of the children, so please send us an email and we will send you a customised quote for the little one(s)!

Kids (non-diver) pricing for kids 3-11 years old is $1090.

Kids on the Fiji Trip
Volivoli Beach Resort Spa

Non-Diver Pricing & Activities

If you would like to bring a non-diving partner or friend along on the trip, they are more than welcome to join! Non-divers can relax at the Daulomani Spa at Volivoli or the Waterside Spa at The Pearl Resort and there are lots of non-diving activities to join in as well and we’ll be back for lunch at the resort every day!

Non-Diver Pricing:

  • $3619 – Volivoli Package
  • $775 – The Pearl Package

If you have any questions about bringing a non-diver on the trip, please don’t hesitate to ask!

The Diving at Volivoli

August is one of the best times of the year to dive in Fiji! Not only because the weather in Adelaide is usually at it worst, but also because it falls smack bang in the middle of the main scuba season for this region (which runs from April to October) and the visibility tends to peak between July and December.

The water temperature in the Bligh Waters ranges from 24 to 28 degrees. In August, the water temperature is usually between 26 and 27 degrees.

The Bligh Waters is the soft coral capital of the world! If you’re wondering what that means underwater, this area has some of the most colourful reef structures and matching marine life! The Bligh is the famous stretch of ocean that runs between Fiji’s two main islands and has a mix of wall dives, bommies and drift dives! The soft corals are every underwater photographer’s dream, especially when shooting wide angle.

There are large amounts of water moving between the two big islands in Fiji and the waters are nutrient rich, so expect cruisy drift dives with chances of big eagle rays and other big visitors! You only have to look at Google Maps terrain view to see the many reefs in this area and the beautiful dive sites just waiting to be explored in a pristine, pollution-free environment!

The Diving at Beqa Lagoon

This is it! If you have ever looked into big shark action dives, you will have found that the Beqa Lagoon shark dives are rated as the best shark action dives in the world! We’ll be diving Beqa Lagoon with Beqa Adventure Divers at their famous shark diving site!

Expect to see more species on a day of diving in Beqa Lagoon than you have ever seen in a day’s diving before! On the shark dives you can see blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, silvertip reef sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, tawny nurse sharks and the big guys that we’re here for: the bull sharks and tiger sharks of Beqa Lagoon (see below for details!).

Beqa Lagoon Tiger Shark Dive

The Shark Dives

Diving with big sharks is an exhilirating experience! At Beqa Lagoon they run one of the best shark dives in the world, where you get the chance to see 8 species of sharks, starting at The Arena at 30m for the big guys, then slowly moving up to the slope at 10m for the medium sized guys and finally we visit the shallows where we’ll see the little ones!

For a full description of what the Fiji Shark Dives are like, simply click on the link below to the Beqa Adventure Divers website where the whole shark diving day is described in detail!

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We pick the best destinations in the world for our trips and always try to book the best time of the year to go! Currents bring in big animals, so we always keep an eye on the lunar cycle and plan our trips at a time that we can expect the best possible diving at that location!

Travel with likeminded people and make dive or travel buddies for life! We have an amazing group of people that travel with us regularly that make every trip a party and keep coming back year after year!

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