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Truk Lagoon 2024 Overseas Dive Trip

Join us on a liveaboard trip to the Valhalla of wreck diving: Truk Lagoon (aka Chuuk)

Diving Adelaide Truk Lagoon Trip 2024

We’re returning to Truk Lagoon for another stunning liveaboard trip on board the Pacific Master Liveaboard! If you have joined us on one of these trips before, you know how well organised and easy diving Truk Lagoon from the Master is! The boat moors on a wreck and you simply dive off the back of the boat – no mucking around with little skiffs to get to and from the dive sites and you can do super safe safety stops hanging onto the large deco bars underneath the ship!

Truk Lagoon is known as the best wreck diving destination in the world and for good reason. From airplane wrecks to big freighters and from submarines to big navy vessels, Truk has it all (and plenty of it!). This area has more wrecks scattered all over the lagoon than any other place in the world!

Dive world famous wrecks like the Fujikawa Maru and the Rio de Janeiro with us and get a good look at a unique piece of history in Micronesia. Nitrox and PADI Advanced certification are recommended for this trip, but as the lagoon has crystal clear, warm, calm waters, the diving is surprisingly easy! You decide whether you would like to penetrate the wrecks with your guide or would prefer to look from the outside in!

The Truk Master is booked out until 2025(!), but we have secured a full charter in October 2024! Don’t miss out as the next chance to dive it from the Master won’t be until late 2025!

Dive Adventures have made us another amazing deal with flights ex Adelaide, all meals & soft drinks on board included, up to 4 dives a day and free land excursions at just $7595!

To book, simply send us an email and we will send you an online booking link. At the time of booking a deposit of $1500 is required to secure your spot.

Pacific Master Liveaboard


Paficic Master Liveaboard Trip

Book on today for the trip of a lifetime on board the Pacific Master Liveaboard with up to 26 dives included!

Diving in Truk Lagoon has never been easier or more comfortable! The Pacific Master is a large vessel with plenty of room to relax and hang out with your fellow divers! The rooms are comfortable and the dive deck even more so!

Wake up above the dive site and jump straight in from the Pacific Master!

Solitude Acacia Aniloa Resort


Extension: Anilao Stopover

Break up the trip to Truk Lagoon with a stopover in macro heaven Anilao in the Philippines! Instead of staying Manila, you’ll head over with our extension group one day earlier to do 2 days of diving in tropical waters of Anilao!

This will add an additional day to the trip (you’ll leave one day earlier), but it will add an additional 6 dives in the Philippines at the start of the trip (before we catch the United flight to Truk Lagoon) and is an optional extension!


Return Airfares ex Adelaide to Truk Lagoon via Singapore, Manila and Guam with Singapore Airlines.

If you would like to join the trip from a different airport (anywhere in the world), please let us know and our travel agents will contact you with a quote including airfares right away!

Return airport transfers to the accommodation in Singapore (for an overnight stay) + return airport transfers in Truk Lagoon.

The package price is based on 10 nights twin share accommodation – a total of 8 nights on board the Pacific Master and an overnight stay on the way there and on the way back in Singapore.

We have 7 days of diving on board the Pacific Master. We will most likely only do 2 dives on the last day, so we expect to do a total of 26 dives.

On most days we will do two deep dives on the big wrecks in the morning and 2 shallower dives in the afternoon.

Technical diving with serious decompression stops may limit the number of dives you can do in a day because of the necessary off-gassing time.

Besides tanks and weights, rental gear is not included in this trip. If you need any gear, we highly recommend to have a look at our online store or contact us to rent gear for the duration of the trip at a reduced rate.

Eat, sleep, dive, repeat is a great mantra for liveaboard diving! On board the Paficic Master all non-alcoholic drinks (tea, coffee, juices, water and soft drinks) as well as all meals and snacks will be included.

If you have ever been on board one of the Master Fleet liveaboards, you know we’re in for a treat as the food is always great on board!

Your departure taxes are included with your tickets.


These fees are payable on arrival:

  • USD$220 Marine Park Fee

Extra fees will apply for:

  • Diving on Nitrox
  • 15L (instead of 12L) cylinders
  • Oxygen and Helium for technical divers
  • Twin cylinders
  • Any other equipment rental besides tankd and weights

We highly recommend taking out travel insurance as well as DAN diving insurance for this trip.

Any excess luggage fees can be prebooked with our travel agent beforehand or can be paid at the airport.

Truk Lagoon’s departure tax cannot be prepaid and will need to be paid at the airport. At this time the departure tax is USD30.


What's a trip to Truk Lagoon like?

See some of the highlights of our last trip to Truk Lagoon in 2019! This is what diving Truk from a liveaboard is like. Many of the divers in the video will be returning in 2024, so you will already be able to see what life on board the vessel with be like!

Join us in 2024 and experience it yourself – simply click on the button below to book your spot!

Liveaboard vs. Land Based Trips in Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon is blessed with the option to dive its amazing wrecks from a land based operator or a liveaboard! We have experienced the land based operation twice before and this will be our third trip on board the Master Liveaboard! The liveaboard vessel has been upgraded from the Truk Master to the Pacific Master recently, so this will be our first time on board the Pacific Master (and we’re very excited to see it!).

The two reasons we now choose a liveaboard over a land based operator are simple:

  • The costs are much clearer with a liveaboard trip
  • A liveaboard trip is much better value for money

On the liveaboard all meals are included (and food is expensive in Truk Lagoon!). The final bill for each of our guests at the land based operator was substantial on our last land based trip, whereas the final bill on board the liveaboard is never a surprise. The up front costs for the land based trip were lower, but as only 2 dives were included per day, we added several single afternoon dives to our trip. Those dives + our food bill ended up making the land based trip almost the same price as a liveaboard trip.

In comparison: The liveaboard simply anchors on one of the big buoys on the big wrecks, so we’re always the first ones there on the day (usually we’ll get 2 dives in before the land based operator arrives). After the dive briefing in the lounge, with photo slideshows on the television so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be looking for (or at) down there and a good history of the wreck site, your dive gear is already set up and ready to go on the dive deck! You slip into your gear and hop off the back of the boat for your dives, usually within an hour of waking up. After the dive, you simply make your way back up to the liveaboard at the end of the dive, do your safety and/or deco stops on the huge deco bars underneath the vessel and then hop back on the boat, where a staff member will be ready with a towel and a drink to help you out of your gear. You’ll walk down to the outside lounge area where your eggs and pancakes will be cooked and breakfast will be ready within minutes!

Your surface interval is then spent talking about the dive with the rest of the crew on board, lounging on the sun deck or having a quick snooze before we head in for dive number 2! When we compared that to battling the waves on the way out to the dive site on little wooden boats and spending the surface interval getting tossed around, we knew we would always go with the liveaboard from then on!

Once you’ve finished dive 2, we’ll be back on board with a drink and that’s when we usually see the land based operator’s boats arrive at the dive site. We move location, have lunch and have a break to off-gas before we get ready for dive 3 on a different wreck. Snacks are served in between dive 3 and 4 and the last dive is usually a dive on one of the shallowest wrecks or an airplane wreck.

The liveaboard is a very comfortable (and probably the only way) you can get 4 dives a day in at this location. As we start early, there is a lot of downtime in between dives and the dives are spread out evenly to allow for plenty of time to off gas in between dives. You’ll get an amazing feel for the wrecks in the lagoon and the history at your feet, by doing (up to) 26 dives in 7 days!

With double the amount of dives included compared to land based trips and all the meals included as well, the liveaboard trips are simply unbeatable in terms of value for money.

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