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Rental Gear Rates

Diving Adelaide’s rental gear rates will not be beaten! Rent a full set of gear from $55! High quality Scubapro hardware and thick 7mm wetsuits guarantee that you can comfortably dive in South Australian conditions all year round! Our rental gear is looked after properly and is regularly serviced by The Scuba Clinic.

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Diving Adelaide Scuba Gear Servicing Rates

Servicing Rates

Diving Adelaide’s servicing is done by by First Stage Service Centre. The average turnaround time for a piece of equipment is 2 weeks, but if you need it sooner, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll let you know straight away whether we’ll be able to have it serviced by the time you need it! Your gear will be completely dismantled and all components will be inspected for normal and abnormal wear and damage. It will then be cleaned and (only genuine) parts will be fitted, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The regulators will be tuned and tested and all your old parts and a service technician’s service and tuning report will be supplied. All servicing has a warranty cover of 90 days.

Labour Rates (all rates are including GST and excluding parts and servicing kits).

   ITEMDetailsServicing Rate
   RegulatorsFirst Stage Only$50
 Second Stage Only$50
   Regulator SetFull Set + Gauges$170
   BCDIncl. Inflator$65
   BCD Inflator
Inflator Only$50
   Cylinder Valve
   Isolation Manifold $75