29 July: Ron & Denise back in the shop!

By 30/07/2014Miscellaneous
Honeymoon Ron and Denise is over - back at Diving Adelaide

Hi everyone!

After being away for 3 weeks to get married and go on our honeymoon we are now back in the shop as “Mr. and Mrs. van der Marel”! (Not to forget Miles of course, he’s back as well relaxing at his usual spot ;) ). We had an amazing time in Thailand where we got married on the ship the “Red Baron” with all our friends and family. We enjoyed our 10 days in Thailand so much and it was great to see that the try dives or PADI Discover Scuba dives we did with some of our friends resulted in them now being certified PADI Open Water Divers. Congratulations guys! Our honeymoon to Sri Lanka was breathtaking (we even saw a leopard cub on safari!). It’s such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly and kind. We will gladly tell you all about it, and are looking forward to catching up with everyone here in Adelaide!

Thank you for the overwhelming amount of messages we received to wish us good luck & happiness, it was a pleasure reading each and every one of them! :)


Ron & Denise