The 10 Most Powerful Passports In The World!

By 12/05/2016Trips Away

By Ron van der Marel

How powerful is your passport?

Have you ever had a look at the website Check it out to see what passports from all countries in the world look like and to see how powerful your passport really is (click on a passport to see its rank)! Data has been collected from almost 200 countries and a ranking has been made, based on the amount of countries you can visit visa-free with a certain passport.

Currently the German and Swedish passports are the most powerful passports in the world, granting the holder visa-free access to 157 countries in the world!

Passport StampsFor the next 30 countries on the list, the ranking is as follows:

1) Germany & Sweden
157 Countries

2) Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain & United Kingdom
156 Countries

3) Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea & Norway
155 Countries

4) Singapore, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal & United States
154 Countries

5) Greece, Ireland & Japan
153 Countries

6) Canada & New Zealand
152 Countries

7) Czech Republic & Hungary
151 Countries

8) Malta, Iceland & Australia
150 Countries

9) Slovakia, Malaysia & Poland
149 Countries

10) Slovenia
148 Countries

So 150 visa-free countries to travel to with an Australian passport – where are you going next? :)

Global Passport Index