It’s International Podcast Day – a celebration of the power of podcasts! 

We know what it’s like. As scuba divers, if it was our choice, we’d be submerged under the ocean all day long. Alas, that isn’t always physically possible! What’s next best? Bring the ocean to your ears with some glorious scuba diving podcasts.

Check out our top scuba diving podcasts below.

1. My Ocean

Are you a budding ocean conservationist? Then tuck into My Ocean podcast for your fix of inspiring conversations with extraordinary people. We’re talking about the humans who’re making a huge difference to Planet Earth’s oceans.

With chats with Jill Heinerth, the world-famous cave diver, to National Geographic Explorer Extraordinaire, Brian Skerry.

My Ocean is brought to you by Ocean Wise, a non-profit inspiring the world to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the ocean. Dial-in every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

2. Speaking Sidemount

For the more advanced divers out there, tune in and get technical with Host Steve Davis on the Speaking Sidemount podcast.

Steve speaks with awesome divers from all over the world. From Richard Harris, Author of Against All Odds, the story about the Thai Cave Rescue, to Cristina Zenato, shark conservation advocate! They talk about the harrowing tales of cave diving rescue, to why sharks are so misunderstood, about what we can do to educate others about them! 

Get technical with Steve on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Spotify.

3. Dive Stories

Dive Stories podcast is powered by PADI! It’s about all things scuba diving, ocean and conservation! From conversations with conservation storytellers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier to celebrating diversity in ocean careers with Danni Washington

Dive Stories Podcast aims to share educational resources to help you become better at scuba diving. Get tips on how to be an AWARE diver and to broaden your understanding of the ocean blue.

It’ll take you on a journey with inspirational idols from the ocean world. With everything from scuba diving, travel, conservation, exploration, and freediving. Listen up for a wholesome half-hour serving on the 15th of each month via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

4. OceanPoddy

If you’re the kind of ocean lover who is all about the positive outlook on life, then tune into OceanPoddy! It’s a great way to bring some light-hearted oceany goodness into your life. Steer clear of the doom and gloom for the big blue, and stay positive with all things ocean, conservation, photography and ocean positive!

And now there’s also SharkPoddy for our fin-loving friends out there. Get involved on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

5. Whale Tales

Are you obsessed with whales?! Us too. That’s why Whale Tales Podcast is on our list of scuba diving podcasts you should listen to now!

It’s a living library of cetacean stories. Learn all about biomimicry, killer whale research and, dare we say it? The sexual behaviour of cetaceans.

Join the whalesong chorus and listen to Whales Tales Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

6. Ocean Allison Podcast

Ocean Alison is a marine biologist-come-ocean communicator. It’s her mission to get the spotlight on people creating positive change for the ocean! Her goal? Inspire you to care for our blue planet. So wholesome.

From artists, authors, photographers, technologists to ocean conservationists, there’s many-a-conversation you can listen in to and learn from!

Dial in to pure ocean optimism with Ocean Allison Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

7. Ocean Science Radio

Are you a marine biologist or ocean conservationist? Then Ocean Science Radio Podcast is for you! 

Tune into the quirky dulcet tones of Andrew Kornblatt and Victoria Vásquez for your ocean science fix. Andrew is the founder of the Online Ocean Symposium and Victoria is a Scientist at the Pacific Shark Research Center – they both have some great insights to share!

If you want to boost your book-smart-ness of the underwater world and the animals that call it home, dial in. Available on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

8. The League of Extraordinary Divers

This is a podcast dedicated to the stories of scuba diving legends. Industry pioneers share their experiences of the big blue, and advise on everything from equipment to scuba diving holiday hot-spots!

Tune into The League of Extraordinary Divers Host Tec Clark’s hour-long episodes via Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

9. The BiG Scuba Podcast

Get involved with the Big Scuba Podcast for all things diving and ocean. Every week, two old pals from the UK get together and talk about dive news and intel. 

They cover a lot of ground. Sometimes they talk to astronauts about their training for space adventures by scuba diving. The next week, they’re waxing lyrically with The Galapagos Whale Shark Project.

Listen up for all things ocean on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Spotify.

Tune in to all things big blue

Bring the ocean to your bedroom, your commute, or your kitchen with our epic list of scuba diving podcasts. You can connect with the ocean even when you’re above sea level with these awesome podcasts.

Whether you want to drift off into an oceany dreamworld, learn more about scuba diving, keep up to date with conservation, or hear from some of the most inspiring scuba divers in the industry. There’s a podcast for everyone!

Be warned though, the more you listen, the worse the addiction becomes! Head over to Diving Adelaide or Online Dive Gear to get your fix. Happy listening and happy bubbles.

Podcasts not your thing? Check out our best scuba diving books or movies for ocean lovers!