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Diving in Winter

We feel very fortunate to live in a location where we can dive year-round. Winter may seem like a peculiar choice, but it’s actually one of the most stunning periods to be underwater in South Australia.


Here’s a list of five reasons why we love winter diving. We hope this will inspire you to explore our beautiful underwater world no matter the season!

Better Visibility

Thanks to lower water temperatures, the ocean gifts us with improved visibility during the winter months. This is primarily due to reduced algal blooms. During winter, naturally colder waters and reduced sunlight make for unsuitable algal growth conditions. This increases your chances of spotting hidden critters during your dive, and will let you experience our local dive sites from a fresh perspective.

Quiet Dive Sites

Is there much better than a private beach or dive site? If you venture into the winter sea, you will be rewarded with peaceful jetties, wrecks, and reefs. This allows you to fully appreciate the location, without needing to time your dive carefully in accordance with other groups. Additionally, with decreased underwater activity, the marine life also has a chance to restore and showcase natural behaviours. Our local aquatic creatures are used to temperate waters, and will be out and about due to reduced noise pollution, tourists and fishermen.

Skill Development

Diving in winter is the ideal situation to develop your scuba skillset. Primarily, it gives us the opportunity to learn how to use a drysuit, which is a great way to challenge your buoyancy, finning techniques and dive theory. Furthermore, broadening your experience in a range of conditions makes a stronger and well-rounded diver. Regardless whether you choose to use a drysuit or not, diving in temperate conditions will help strengthen your abilities. This will open up a whole new world of dive-hotspots for you to explore confidently!

Thermal Protection Options

But don’t worry – diving in winter doesn’t mean you need a drysuit! There are plenty of other options for thermal protection that will allow you to comfortably explore our local coastline in the colder months. Semi-dry suits are a great option for those who don’t want to dive dry. These function differently to a standard wetsuit, as they have neck, wrist and ankle seals, which reduce the possibility of water being flushed out. Otherwise, the Probe iDry 7mm suit is a great solution as well. In combination with a hood and gloves, these suits offer exceptional thermal protection for divers.

Post-Dive Freedom

However, if you do choose to invest in a drysuit, one of our favourite benefits is that you can strip off and head straight to the pub after your dive! When using a drysuit, divers wear thermal undergarments and socks to keep warm. This eliminates the need for a shower immediately afterwards, and gives you more time to tuck into lunch and a refreshing beverage at a local establishment. The perfect way to have an enjoyable day out, while supporting South Australian businesses simultaneously throughout this tough period!

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