4 Nov: Monday Afternoon Dive @ Second Valley

Second Valley Caves and Caverns

Exploring caves and marine life on a dive at Second Valley, South Australia

With the weather being as great as it was, Diving Adelaide’s owners Ron and Denise couldn’t wait to go out on a dive. We decided to go out Second valley, one of South Australia’s dive sites we hadn’t been to in a while.

Quite a couple of South Australian dive sites are relatively close to Rapid Bay, but we have a tendency to always go to the Rapid Bay Jetty when the weather is as nice as it has been lately. It’s a familiar dive site, we have dived it lots of times, there’s always a lot of fish around and usual one or more couple of Leafy Sea Dragons as well, so it has become a sort of go-to dive site when we want to take some nice photos. There are however lots of other interesting dive and snorkel sites around that side of the Fleurieu Peninsula, and we felt it was time to pay another old favourite, Second Valley, a visit again.

When we arrived the ocean looked flat calm and really promising for visibility. We wanted to explore the caves a little bit so we walked a bit further than usual and entered the water in the second bay up from the jetty. Denise tried her new white Mares X-Stream fins, for the first time on this dive, and really loved them! Easy to kick, but they give you that extra power when you need it. As soon as we got out of the bay, the visibility bumped up to about 10+ metres. We explored a couple of the Second Valley caves and encountered a curious cuttlefish that was hiding out in the caves until it saw us. We encountered lots of (baby) fish during the dive as well, which was great! We were hoping to see the resident Blue Devils there, but didn’t come across one. Ah well, better luck next time!

On the walk back to the van we were surprised by a small snake on the path back to the car park. Have a look at our Second Valley Dive pics – does anybody know what kind of snake it is?